Release Moonraker

Releases 2008
June 08’

365Mag international Music Magazine
Label :Beroshima Music
Rating:9.0 out of 10.0
Released:Out Now

Lord have mercy!
It happens sometimes that a certain release slips through our maze, and when it does, we usually turn our heads to those other crates of tuneage we will be reviewing for you. But not this time. Beroshima's Moonraker's is one of those EP's we forgot to include in the batch, and we sincerely apology for not informing you about this hottie! Moonraker has become an EP that is among the best house music has brought us this year.

First one off is the Original House Mix, which is a deliciously nasty reflection of the outfit's sinister electrohouse sound. The rather minimal introduction is soon enough spiced up with a clash of synths that sound industrial and melancholic at the same time, thereby creating a dreamy and utterly brilliant vibe as spacey as spacey can be. The whole track basically revolves around this big synth wave that keeps on evolving throughout the sequence, with enough variation to keep the attention. It's proggy, it's electro, it's on the edge of deep house too, but above all, it's absolutely amazing.

Cosmonaut takes the original to new dimensions with an equally deep and highly mesmerizing blend of intense synths and waves while the beats take care of a hypnotizing dance-floor rhythm. The synths keep on transforming throughout the track by which the overall becomes a bluesy but beautiful piece of house music. A bit James Holden-style, and close to perfection.

America takes care of the final remix with a more uptempo and more towards progressive club rocker featuring brilliantly sampled vox, shifting synths and lots of deep sound waves. Whereas the previous two tunes engage on a hypnotic trip, this one shoots the listener even further beyond the stars right into the unknown depths of space. The uptempo rhythm is what makes this track an absolute insane piece of progressive/deep house music, and therefore a definite must-have.
I cannot label this EP anything else that absolutely fantastic. All three tracks are simply brilliant, reflecting nothing but love for music and pure talent from those who produced them. The original and the Cosmonaut mix are both midtempo floorfilling tunes one can only dream off, with the America remix skyrocketing the track right into the orbit of perfection. You simply can not afford to let this EP pass you by. 365Mag's absolute number one EP of this Autumn, and unlikely to be bettered this year.

Original mix
Cosmonaut remix
America remix

A1: original house mix 5:10
A2: America mix 6:23
B1:Cosmonaut mix 9:59

Laurent garnier:
pure track for disco techno paradise land
I love it !
thanks for the link and the great music

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global Radio)
very beautiful !
Sure play on Ibiza Global Radio
Many thanks and full support

Dean Facer :
"Nice deep house, Cosmonaught floats beautifully along and is a great tune for the summer, but it's the America mix for my peaktime club sets....."
muchos gracias

ric mcclelland aka scope (urbantorque radio):
lovin cosmonaut and the america mix.. lovely melodic techno vibes..will definetly be playing these on the radio show and out in the clubs!!

jeff Bennett
Very good! Original house is in my next proton show! Full support