Horizon/soma feedback

Horizon Update

Danny Howells – number 3
Miss Kittin – chart
Nick Warren – Dec chart – number 2
Richmond Records Pool – January chart – number 4

Laurent Garnier – (Frank Remix)
Kiss 100 – John Digweed
Ministry of Sound – Dave Mothersole 11/12/07 (Beroshima)
Radio 1 Prague – December playlist, Feb playlist
Torque – Salah Sadeq (FDV Mix)
Dinamo 103.8 – Fraktal 11/12/07 (FM), 18/12/07 (FDV)
Frisky Radio – Tech Tribe 19/12/07 (FDV)
Brooklynradio.net – Bruce Tantum (FDV)
Ylex – Jori Hulkonnen (FDV)
Future Radio – Rotation 10/01/07 (FDV)
RTE Radio – Attrnag 20/01/08 (FDV)

Update – Lewis Dene review
I’m a huge Beroshima fan (aka Muller Records label-chief Frank Muller) and this is as good as it gets for soul-techno fans. The original has been a slow burner since surfacing last summer with supporters numbering Valentino Kanzyani, Lucca and Francois K, and is amazing in its own right. But to be honest Funk D’Void remix is just in a different league and is best described as ear candy; a magical journey of burbling basslines and striking synth electronica. 5/5

DJ Mag – DJ Pathaan possible review

The Skinny – Liam Arnold review
Funk D’Void, Frank Muller and Corazon take Beroshima’s Horizon in their sights and open it up to reveal stunning new vistas. D’void cracks the original wide open and gears it towards heavy dancefloor rotation, with his usual bouncing, bassy style, while Frank Muller envisions Horizon as a rolling plain, shimmering in the heat haze. Muller then takes the original and splices it with his own Corazon EP for the final mix, creating a textured landscape of almost Balaeric euphoria. 4/5

Posivision – review

i-DJ – Zigmund Slezak review
Originally on Cocoon Records, 'Horizon' was a huge hit. Now on Slam’s Soma imprint 'Horizon' gets a good working over. Funk D' Void is the first to step up to the challenge offering a blissful re-work. Beroshima gives his own deeper mix, but it's perhaps a little too moody for my tastes. Frank Muller goes for a slighted laid back approach. All very good musically but not going to make you jump up and down. 3/5

Hearing is Believing – review
Originally out last summer (2007) on Cocoon, Horizon returns with a mix from Funk D’Void and a couple from Frank ’Beroshima’ Müller. Peaceful keys and a smooth bassline make Müller’s own Corazan Mix the winner.

Only For DJs - review

Kris Needs – Brilliant deep and swirling.

Desyn Masiello – Sublime. Frank’s mix is one of the most gorgeous pieces of music I’ve heard in a very long time. Stunning. 9/10

Laurent Garnier – Lovely deepness by Frank. Right up my street. Another great D’Void remix, as good as ever. Full support and will playlist on the radio. 8/10

Louis Osbourne – A really nice package. Loving the deepness. Will use. 8/10

Djinxx – Cool release. 6/10

Dave Mothersole – I’ve been playing the Pig & Dan mix of this in nearly every set I’ve done in the last few months. Good to have some different mixes - I like the deep mix and Funk D’Void’s Hope mix. Nice release. 8/10

James Talk – Love this, the Funk D’Void remix is great! Good work! 8/10

Josef Sedlon – Funk D’Void remix is very good stuff again, deep balanced track with a graduation and cool melody. Also Beroshima rmx and Frank Muller are nice, more chilling atmosphere…great EP. 9/10

Salah Sadeq – Talk about drifting away, perfectly titled! Absolutely love it. Can play every mix depending on where I am. A track that I can pull out even in 3 years and play as fresh! 8/10

DJ3000 – Mr Lars shows why he has been on top of the game after all these years with this killer remix! Killer bassline, keys and just flat out funk! 9/10

Richie McNeill – I’ve always loved Beroshima from the early days. Good track, nice and melodic. Will play for sure… 8/10

Aldrin Quek – Deep mix is NICE! Deep and moody. Funk D’Void on form here…lovely slice of tech house. 8/10

Lewis Dene – I’m a huge Beroshima fan and this is as good as it gets for “soul” techno fans, the original is amazing but to be honest Funk D’Void remix is just in a different league and is best described as ear candy!! 9/10

Jay Kaufman – Fucking spot on! Soma seems to be returning to their progressive house roots as of late – and I’m liking it. I know Orde and Stu probably hate that word combination, but like it or not this IS progressive house. Forward thinking music with a nice melodic edge. Soma is on fire as of late and I’ve started finally started paying attention to their releases again. This is a belter. Well, not necessarily a ‘belter’ in the traditional sense, but it’s wicked all the same. I love the melodic elements. The Funk D’Void mix perhaps takes the cake, but the other two are just about as good and all mixes will get properly rinsed out like a dirty pot. 10/10

Miss Nine – 8/10

Rev Milo – Frank Muller’s mix is my fave – slightly E2-E4(ish) – good for the more summery months

Josh Wink – Both Lars and Beroshima are on point with their deep interpretations, will be playing for those right sexy moments! 8/10

Nice De Ceglia - Surely in my sets this weekend. 7/10

James Zabiela – I love this release!!! Funk’s mix is amazing and the Frank Muller mix is beautiful! FDV is the king. Wicked!

Timmy Stewart – Ace…lush Detroit inspired vibes will always work for me… Feeling Lars and the Beroshima Deep Mix the most. 8/10

Gilles Escoffier - Super fan... will definitely play Horizon (Funk d\'Void\'s hope rmx and Beroshima\'s deep mix)...!!! Funk an deep as hell

Ian Pooley – What a supercool Funk D’Void remix of Horizon, I love it.

Aldrin Quek – Hope mix is great...deep and atmospheric, perfect for the opening hour.

Bruce Tantum - Lars\'s mix is a beautiful slice of melodic techno, up to his usual high standards. The Beroshima deep mix is lovely as well, though not quite as suited to the dance floor; ditto for the quite atmospheric Corazon mix. A solid (and very pretty!) EP. 7/10

Nick Warren – Wicked stuff, very cool indeed! 9/10

Matt Masters – Forgot to say – loving the new remix from Lars on Horizon. 8/10

Dave Mothersole – Been playing the original since it first came out early last summer. Like the Deep Mix – nice to have a new, very different version to play. 9/10

Jori Hulkonnen – Funk D’Void never lets me down. Great remix once again. 9/10
Nori Kawai – I played track 3 at Chillout Village 2008 party in Tokyo with Takahashi Kuniyuki aka Koss, DJ Kensei, Artman and more artists. The audience were asking for the name of it. 8/10

Thanks everyone!!!