He is a cyborg in the suit from the Midnight head-bangings in the clubs of 80’s,under Bauhaus,Joy Division,Fron242,etc…

*“BEROSHIMA” on a first self-label,and how the story is opened…

The Beroshima project is started by Frank Muller in the early 1990es, appearing first at his former label Acid Orange. The experimental sound of Beroshima on Acid Orange became a well-known trademark sound around the underground club network all over the world,g

*Muller Record
As his 2nd label,Muller Record is launched in 1996,grew with Berlin based club sound and developed into one of the successful German electronic music export labels. He has built up a musical network from Berlin around the globe to Tokyo to south America,south Asia. After four years he concentrated his activities on Muller Records, his own playground where he invited other high-profile techno producers.
One of the representable Beroshima releases "Electronic Discussion" and "Deebeephunky" became worldwide stompers and started a series of club hits released on Muller Records. Soon other artists and friends joined the label.

*Beroshima has been behind the decks
Meanwhile Frank promoted his sound as DJ and high-quality live act at all the countless major places around the world where techno is celebrated. Reaching a known status as a techno-pioneer in countries like France, Japan and Germany. Frank has been a resident DJ at Mayday, Europe’s biggest indoor rave and now is a resident at the WIRE Festival,(it’s Asia’s biggest indoor-rave in Japan(sony music),and hosting his residency night in Tresor and Maria.

*Release/Music styles/Communications
Every single release has opened new dimensions,and brought him for so many cities in the world.But also Frank has invited other musicians and producers to explore new sounds and broaden the scope of the project collaborations,sharing and trading opinion and ideas. Blowing up the funk,with the artists like Ulrich Schnauss, Takkyu Ishino , Claude Young and Rok pushed every output into a new direction.
As Beroshima project,he has closely collaborated with Ulrich Schnauss,produced and played many live acts together over many years. Frank definitely is to call a truly innovator - representing a varied style of electronic music with its own twist. The unique sound of Beroshima and the variation of his latest releases makes it difficult to describe his countless outputs in a few words. Frank Muller and its alter ego beroshima even more became an icon.Recently he turned back to his organic analog sound that Beroshima is known for. His performance has been accepted FULLY.

One of his recent hits "Corazon" was released on Muller Records, turned the beroshima sounds into another new direction. Beroshima‘s latest release "Horizon" on Sven Vath‘s label Cocoon Recordings was one of the biggest hits in IBIZA in summer 2007.It was packed with minimal rework by Pig&Dan,with support pouring in from , Valentino Kanzyani, Lucca and Francois K,John Digweed ,Nick Warren.One of newest interiview from beatport,superstar DJ Danny Howells recommends for his set.

And here new release arrived on SOMA Records from UK in January,coupled remixed is done by Funk D’void “Hope mix”, supported by Laurent Garnier,The young stars,James Zabiela.This release was compiled by Francois K “Master piece”(ministry of sound UK),and Funk D’void“Sci-Fi Hi-Fi”(soma mix CD series).
*NEWEST RELESE “MOONRAKER”Newest release “moonraker” is power pushed Laurent Garnier,and just licensed from Danny Howells for his next mix CDs from Rennessaince.
Got excellent review from 365Mag international.

“Beroshima” is accepted as manifoldable peformance and unique electronic music style,multiple layered grooves,whirly base-line,dash of melody strings, wide range of selection from last 20years record box. His playground has spread wider from Europe,Asia,Japan and south America now he sees the world with his musical compass.Loving to make music in his geer factory filled with authentic&geek equips,and styles are borderless,genreless.

”Let people wave”,it’s all matters,he says.